Landscaping Your New Yard

A garden and other outdoor spaces can be an extension of your home and a great source of joy and pride, to be enjoyed as a social gathering place, a private area for relaxation and a pleasurable nature experience.

Builders understand the importance of landscaping and pay attention to the natural environment on their building sites, carefully preserving trees and other natural growth on building sites whenever possible. Green spaces and attractive landscaping of common areas are an integral part of larger community developments. Walkways and driveways are designed to enhance the appeal of individual homes.

Some builders offer landscaping options which allows you to finish the look of your home and enjoy all of the benefits of your purchase immediately.

There is a lot to think about when you begin your landscape planning by developing a full vision of your entire outdoor space:

  • Begin by developing your wish list of everything you have always wanted, from gardens to waterfalls. Then assess what you want to take on right away, and what you want to phase in over time.

  • Soil preparation and water control, particularly drainage, are crucial. Talk to your builder about drainage patterns in order to take this into consideration when placing the eavestroughs and downspouts.

  • Develop your plan, at least in general terms, and review it with your builder for advice and suggestions. Electrical cables can be run outside for lights and transformers. Plan for future outside plumbing needs, or have a natural gas line brought outside for an eventual barbecue.

  • Be realistic about the amount of garden upkeep you want or are able to do. The use of low-maintenance lawns and other ground covers, native plant species and mulch can help to reduce mowing, watering and weeding.