The Subdivision

Who's the target market?

Inquire about the type homeowners it is designed for and the mixture of homes in terms of size, styles and price range. Some subdivisions, notably those aimed at mature adults and seniors, may also set criteria for who can buy there.

What common facilities will be included?

Today's builders and developers strive to build enjoyable and healthy environments for all age groups. Parks provide a central area where people can meet, socialize and get involved.

What services are offered?

Services such as gardening and snow removal are sometimes mandatory to keep the subdivision attractive and safe so ask your builder about associated costs of the services provided to the homeowners.

The complete subdivision

The layout and design of a development is crucial to encourage interaction among people. Homes may be built closer to the street, with open front porches for after-dinner lounging, and garages discreetly tucked away. Look for narrow or curved streets to slow down traffic, and sidewalks and pathways for pedestrians and bicycles for getting around the development easily and safely. Check if shops and services are nearby, and note the location of schools, access to transportation and connections to other parts of the city or area.