One of the great advantages of buying a brand new home is warranty. As you look at homes consider the warranty carefully; you want to make sure your new home is well protected.

Before you sign a contract, verify that the builder is registered with a warranty provider. Prior to making your final decision get the builder to explain what’s covered and what's not with the warranty.

Before you move in your builder will schedule a walk-through of your home, also known as a pre-delivery inspection. You and your builder will go through the home to verify that it is built according to plan, with the features and inclusions specified in your agreement. At the same time, you should take note of any imperfections and defects that require attention, down to the smallest detail - a sticking drawer, a missing towel rack, a scratch on the wall and so on. Discuss with your builder how and when these things will be dealt with.

During the walk-through ask questions as you go - it's important that you feel confident and knowledgeable about your new home from the start.

Keep in mind that "settling" is common during the first year and may result in minor cracks or nail pops. If you have questions about your home, encounter any problems or need service, follow the process set out by your builder. In the event that your builder is not responsive, the warranty provider will ensure appropriate action, including mediation between you and your builder.

Open communication is key between you and your builder; don't hesitate to ask your builder these questions:

  • What are the builder's obligations and performance standards? 
  • What are the after-sales service standards and process? 
  • What are you responsible for once you move in? 
  • What do you need to know in order to avoid problems in your new home?


RRHBA New Home Warranty Members:

National Home Warranty Group Inc.
Ph: (780) 701-5460

New Home Warranty Program of Saskatchewan
Ph: (306)546-5220

Progressive Home Warranty Solutions Inc.
Ph: (780) 470-4663

The New Home Warranty Insurance (Canada) Corporation
Ph: (403) 253-3636