Consumer Questions & Concerns

Regina & Region Home Builders' Association believes purchasing a new home or renovating your current home should be a positive step for individuals and families. We also recognize with the many components that go on when building a new home or renovating, items of concern do occur that need to be addressed.

As an Association, consumers often contact the RRHBA to advocate on their behalf. For consumers, our brand ensures that the Builders have met a level of building expertise through our Builder exams and also must be part of a recognized third party home warranty provider in order to be members. We provide another conduit for the member to hear the consumers concerns.

Steps you can take with our Association when a concern or question arise:

  1. Contact the member in writing or by e-mail to ensure that you communicated your concern or question to them clearly;
  2. If the concern or question is a Warranty item, contact your Warranty provider in writing or by e-mail;
  3. Tell us about it. We can take the concern or question and send it to the member to encourage the member to resolve the issue with their customers. We will also encourage the Third Party Home Warranty Provider to resolve the issue where applicable.

Please describe your question or concern:

If a concern:

  • Have you communicated your concern to the member in writing or by email?
    Yes   No
    If yes, what was the outcome?
  • Have you received a reply from the member regarding your inquiry?
    Yes   No
    If yes, what was the outcome?

Our Association Bylaws require our members to deal fairly with their customers and stand behind the quality of their work and service commitments. This provision is to ensure the RRHBA brand is valuable to consumers today and in the future. It is not the mandate of the Complaints Ethic Committee to investigate disputes between parties that are legitimate disputes (which unfortunately occasionally do arise). Past informing the member of your concern and attempting to facilitate a solution, we cannot arbitrate disputes between our members and their customers or the general public and will only become involved where the conduct of our member is such that it clearly is a breach of our Code of Ethics