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Sarah Moldenhauer
Membership Relations Coordinator
Phone Number: (306) 546-5227
Fax Number: (306) 569-9144

Two Easy Ways to Apply for Membership

  1. Print and fill in the PDF application form and submit by email, fax or regular mail.
  2. Simply fill in the online application form below and click "Submit".

Membership Requirements

Membership is open to individuals, firms and corporations providing some form of product or service to Regina and Region's Residential Construction Industry. Members are obligated to abide by the Association's Code of Ethics.


Applicants submit a completed application form, including two RRHBA member references and payment. Applicants are interviewed by the Membership Relations Coordinator. Applicants are profiled to our members via email, and are subject to approval by the Board of Directors. New members have a one-year probationary period.

Home Builder Category

Applicants requesting membership in the "Home Builder" category are required to complete the first four modules of the Certified Professional Home Builder Program and be a member of a recognized third party new home warranty program.

Renovator Category

Applicants requesting membership in the "Renovator" category are required to abide by the RenoMark™ Program Code of Conduct and to sign a licensing agreement.

Contact Information

Additional Representatives

Business Information

Existing members that change their type of business to 'Home Builder' must reapply for membership in order to be recognized in the Home Builder category.


(Preferably RRHBA Members)

Reference One

Reference Two

Fee Schedule & Payment

(Prices do not include GST)

Application Declarations

I certify that none of the principals of this company have been refused membership, refused renewal of membership or had membership revoked by any level of the Canadian Home Builders' Association, across Canada.

I state that all information contained on this application is true and accurate and I authorize the Association to undertake investigative procedures to confirm the accuracy of the application information, and to conduct reference checks.

Should my application be rejected, I agree to fully indemnify and save harmless the Association and its directors from any and all loss, cost, claims or damage of whatever kind and however arising as a result of such refusal of this application.

Commitment to RRHBA Code of Ethics

I acknowledge that I have read the Regina & Region Home Builders' Association's Code of Ethics and promise to operate my firm in accordance with the spirit and intent of the Code. These responsibilities are freely and solemnly assumed and are part of an obligation as a member of RRHBA. I understand that violation of any portion of the Code of Ethics will be subject to disciplinary procedures set out in the Association's by-laws.

Information Disclosure Consent

RRHBA promotes its membership and fosters communication within the industry and with consumers through directories, websites, etc. I consent that the information contained in this application may be used for such purposes (banking and credit card information exempted) by RRHBA, CHBA Sask & CHBA.

The Board of Directors reserves the right to reject any application for membership in the Association or to defer consideration of an application.


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