The power of the ENERGY STAR® symbol is in its simplicity. No special knowledge is needed to select an energy efficient product, since the technical evaluation has been done for you.

How do products qualify for the ENERGY STAR® mark?

ENERGY STAR® products must meet and exceed technical specifications endorsed by the Government of Canada. Requirements vary between product categories, but typically a product must be from 10-65%more efficient than standard equipment.

Why purchase ENERGY STAR® products?

Save Money - ENERGY STAR® use up to 65% less energy than conventional products, some products also use less water, and that all saves you money. In many cases, energy efficient products can quickly pay for themselves and provide significant ongoing savings over the life of the product, making funds available for investment in other areas.

Reduce energy demand - Reducing energy consumption helps utilities manage their peak loads and avoid the need to construct new power plants or transmission facilities, which are expensive to build and often have significant environmental impacts.

Helping the environment - ENERGY STAR® products use less energy to do the same job as conventional products thereby creating fewer greenhouse gas emissions that are a leading cause of climate change. The combustion of fossil fuels, whether to operate equipment or produce electricity, generates greenhouse gas emissions, as well as generating other pollutants that contribute to urban smog and acid rain. Choosing ENERGY STAR® products will help you use less energy - and that means a healthier environment for both current and future generations.

Do ENERGY STAR® products cost more?

Prices of products vary, but the ENERGY STAR® label does not make the product more costly. Consumers will save money on their utility bills over the long term. To encourage the purchase of ENERGY STAR®, incentives may be offered by retailers.

What products can be found with the ENERGY STAR® label?

  • major appliances
  • residential heating, cooling and ventilation equipment
  • office equipment
  • consumer electronics
  • windows and doors
  • lighting
  • commercial equipment