Established in 2003, Built Green Canada is a third party certification program for homes that are environmentally responsible. The BUILT GREEN® name adds value to the home by promoting the use of practices and products that represents resource-efficient and environmentally friendly construction. The purpose of Built Green Canada is to encourage home builders to prioritize energy efficiency, provide healthier indoor air, preserve natural resources and improve the home's durability. As a result, a BUILT GREEN® home helps you to significantly reduce your impact on the environment.

BUILT GREEN® is a voluntary program offered mostly in BC and Alberta, which requires that you must first be a member of a professional building association.

Builder and Renovator members participate in the BUILT GREEN® program because it provides learning opportunities for continuous improvement in serving not only their customers, but the environment. It’s a matter of making the right stewardship choices.

Training is essential - members must be trained in BUILT GREEN® practices, policies and procedures prior to building their BUILT GREEN® projects.

Flexible and Affordable - takes into account a variety of climates. Taking these needs into consideration, it offers four different levels of building that allow builders, renovators and consumers to make the best choice for their budgets.

Not Cost Prohibitive - by providing training, supplier relationships and the four different levels of achievement (bronze, silver, gold and platinum), the BUILT GREEN® program ensures successful participation based on three things: cost-effective housing; healthier housing; and housing that has a lower impact on the environment.

Third Party Certification - Built Green Canada conducts regular reviews of each builder and renovator to ensure that they are maintaining the integrity of the program. If builders and/or renovators do not comply with Built Green Canada's standards, corrective action is taken in terms of training and coaching.