Cost of Green Renovating

You may wonder if greening your renovation will increase the cost of the project.

Initial costs can increase, but these may well be offset by lower home operating costs once the work is completed. Actual costs depend on the kind of renovation work you are having done, and the range of green features you choose to incorporate into your renovation project.

One thing is almost always true - including green upgrades when you are undertaking other renovation work is much less expensive than doing these things separately at a later date. In many cases, the additional cost of moving to a more energy- or water-efficient product, or choosing a greener material or product, is quite small.

Your investment in energy and water efficiency will pay off in several ways - first, by lowering your own operating costs now, and in the future; and, second, by making your home a more desirable property for others, if you decide to sell your home in the future.

It is also a personal decision. A growing number of people put a premium on “living green”, and simply want their home to be healthier to live in and have less environmental impact.

If your renovation plans go beyond your budget, talk with your renovator about alternatives and options, including breaking your project into several phases to spread the costs over a longer period.