Green Reno Checklist

Renovating your home offers many opportunities to improve how it works and provide you with increased comfort and reduced monthly operating costs. 

Pre-Renovation Inspection
  • Renovator inspection
  • Energy audit
  • Equipment inspection: heating, cooling, ventilation, hot water, etc.
  • Restricted-flow taps (aerator)
  • Energy-efficient windows, doors and skylights
  • Energy-efficient appliances
  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • Task lighting
  • Low-maintenance, durable flooring (tile, linoleum, hardwood, ceramic) 
  • Low-emission cabinets (hardwood, sealed particle board)
  • Low-emission countertop (solid surface, laminates)
  • Low- or no-VOC paints
  • Low-emission cements, grouts and caulking
  • Range hood vented to the outside
  • Built-in recycling centre
  • Low-flow toilet, showerhead and faucets
  • Low-maintenance, durable, non-slip flooring (tile, linoleum)
  • Low-emission cabinets (hardwood, sealed particle board)
  • Low-emission countertop (solid surface, laminates)
  • Waterproof wall finish
  • Low- or no-VOC paints
  • Low-emission cements, grouts and caulking
  • Energy-efficient windows and skylights
  • Energy-efficient lighting
Living, Dining and Bedroom Areas
  • Energy-efficient windows and exterior doors
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • Area lighting
  • Automatic timers and dimmer switches
  • Low-emission, easy-maintenance flooring (hardwood, cork, marble, ceramic)
  • Carpeting and area rugs from natural or recycled material
  • Low-emission trim and mouldings
  • Low-emission solid wood doors
  • Low- or no-VOC paints and varnishes
  • Low-emission cements, grouts and caulking
  • Determine and deal with sources of mold (repair, replacement, etc.)
  • Air and moisture sealing of walls
  • Moisture and soil gas sealing of floors
  • Upgraded insulation
  • Ventilation
  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • Low-emission finishing materials
Mechanical Room or Area
  • Energy-efficient, sealed-combustion and correctly sized heating equipment
  • Energy-efficient hot water tank
  • Energy-efficient furnace fan motor
  • Separate, direct air supply for equipment
  • Insulated hot water pipes
  • Air filtration and humidification/dehumidification
  • Whole-house ventilation system (HRV)
  • Effective, balanced, sealed ductwork or distribution system
  • Water purification system
  • Central vacuum exhausted outdoors
  • Upgraded insulation
  • Air sealing
  • Weather-stripping and insulating attic hatch
  • Ventilation to the exterior
The Structure
  • Insulation
  • Air sealing (windows, doors, electrical outlets)
  • Vapour barrier (where applicable)
  • Framing, sheathing, underlay: low-emission, resource-efficient
  • Drywall with recycled content
The Exterior
  • Low-maintenance, durable exterior finishes
  • Low-maintenance trim, soffits and fascia
  • Air and moisture protection, flashing
  • Long-lasting roofing
  • Eavestroughing
  • Drainage away from the foundation
  • Properly located air intakes and exhausts for systems and appliances
  • Effective lighting for safety, with motion-activated switches
  • Roof overhang for shading
  • Ice dam prevention
  • Drought-resistant native plants (xeriscaping)
  • Reduced lawn area (less water and fertilizer)
  • Cistern or rain collection system
  • Composter for organic wastes
  • Organic garden
  • Trees for windbreak and shade