Our Purpose

Vision Statement:

“Creating an innovative, sustainable, diverse and growing community.”

Value Statement:

As an Association and individuals we value:

  • Professionalism amongst our members and our staff in how they engage with each other, stakeholders and the community;
  • Integrity, including honesty, truthfulness, transparency and accuracy in our ethical actions; 
  • Collaboration in finding opportunities to work together to discover and achieve shared goals with our members, stakeholders and community partners;
  • Innovation, whereby through continuous improvement we strive to create more effective products, processes and services; 
  • To recognize and respect diverse opinions;
  • The right of all Regina & Region citizens to decent, safe and appropriate housing; 
  • Home Ownership as sound public policy in which all Regina & Region citizens have a reasonable opportunity to own their own homes.

Mission Statement:

The Regina & Region Home Builders’ Association is a member based community developer and home building industry association providing our industry with leadership through a collaborative, innovative, and consumer focused approach based on professionalism and trust.

The Regina & Region Home Builders’ Association works to remove obstacles for members by bringing members, consumers and stakeholders together under the credibility of our Association brand to work collaboratively towards shared goals.