LEED for New Homes

LEED Canada for Homes is a standard that is designed to help builders to deliver energy and environmentally conscious new homes. It looks at new construction from a range of perspectives to reduce the overall environmental impact of the house.

The LEED Canada for Homes rating system allows builders to earn points in 8 categories:

  • Innovation and Design Process - This category is aimed at promoting an integrated, system approach to home design, so that efficiency in one area isn’t a problem somewhere else.

  • Indoor Environmental Quality - Important for the health of both occupants and the home itself, the indoor air quality, moisture control, etc., are critical aspects of new home design and construction.

  • Location and Community - Where you build can affect a home’s environmental impact.

  • Materials and Resource Use - New building techniques call for new materials and more efficient use of traditional materials.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Water Efficiency - Strategies for water reuse, rain capture and usage reduction are important for minimizing a home’s environmental impacts.

  • Energy Efficiency - The cornerstone of any green building plan is finding ways to use less energy. LEED homes employ a number of different strategies.

  • Site Sustainability - Minimize any long-term environmental damage to the site throughout the construction process, and design site to maximize environmental advantages.

  • Awareness and Education - An informed homeowner (or tenant) is a key factor in environmental efficiency.