EnerGuide Rating System

The EnerGuide Rating System (ERS) is a standard measure of the energy performance of new and existing homes. The rating allows you to compare the energy performance of one house against another. For new homes, this rating and labelling system plays an important role in the construction of energy efficient new homes. For existing homes, ERS is used to evaluate home energy efficiency as a part of the application process for incentives.

The EnerGuide program can stand-alone or be coupled with the programs. An EnerGuide Rating measures the efficiency of a home through the Hot 2000 computer energy model and a Blower Door Test (BDT). A BDT measures a home’s air changes per hour. A lower air change rate is preferable because less heat is lost through leaks, less energy is required to heat the home, and there is less potential for moisture to be carried into the walls by moving air. The EnerGuide program does not require membership or green building experience, but a Certified Energy Advisor (CEA) is required to do the energy model, site inspection and BDT.